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I am now... Kate Singh Photography.
(Formerly Aevum Images Photography)

Why change? Because ... 'Oh, Kate took that for you, didn't she?'

It just makes sense to change my business name to reflect what people are actually looking for... ME! Not an old Latin word that people can't pronounce. 

It is a wonderful change... the evolution of my art and my presence in the community has come into it's own and I'm claiming it with "Kate Singh Photography". 

My new tag line is "I see you... for you". An email the next day had this message:

"Ever wondered why so many people, sometimes virtual strangers,
tell you their deepest secrets, Kate Singh
It's because when they look into your eyes, they see me. 
And sharing their secrets with me, as you,
reminds them that no matter what they have to say,
my love is so much bigger.
We're quite the team - 
 The Universe"

That sums it up beautifully!


Oh, yes... about me...

I'm a child of the 50's... have two beautiful kids, Kumari & Ajit...and many 'adopted' kids from around the world who know me as "Mama Singh" (Thank you, Kumari & Jamilah)

I spent 20 years in the US Army as a nurse... traveled the world... and fell in love with the cultures of the places I lived. I used photography, then and now, to remember the emotions, moments and places. If I tell the story behind a photo to my kids, I will be able to share some of my life and wisdom to them... and live long beyond my years!!

I garden, play the piano, have a definite attraction to Art Nouveau, have 2 cats, and rode in the St. Paul Rodeo as a kid! LOL

I am a story teller... of my story and others through photography. Whether it's business or personal photos are only a conversation... and a story you want someone else to know.

I graduated from Clark College, Vancouver, WA with a degree in Graphic Design. This was wrapped completely around my passion for photography.

After 30+ years as a nurse... it was time to let my inner artist out to play and enjoy the journey!

I enjoy the connections I've made in Vancouver and enjoy the process of giving back quality at all turns in my life here.


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